Wisconsin Alcohol Assessment – Intoxicated Driver Program

AODA Assesment – Intoxicated Driver Program People convicted of or arrested for multiple OWI offenses will be ordered by the Wisconsin Department of transportation to have an alcohol or drug assessment within 45 days. You are required to contact the approved assessment facility for your county of residence within 72 hours of an OWI conviction. […]

2nd OWI Wisconsin

2nd OWI Wisconsin An individual that operates a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that can cause impairment can be charged with an OWI. A second OWI conviction leaves you with a criminal record that will stain your record for the rest of your life. You can face an OWI […]

Wisconsin Occupational License

 Occupational Drivers License WI Your license will be suspended for a certain length of time if you are charged with an OWI offense in Wisconsin. The length of suspension is determined by the number of OWI convictions in your record or the number of traffic violation points you have accumulated. After the suspension, you cannot […]

Wisconsin OWI Penalties

Wisconsin OWI Penalties You should avoid any OWI conviction in Wisconsin because even a first offense carries severe charges. The penalties also vary in severity depending on the county. Every OWI offense has its minimum and maximum penalties but it is up to the judge to decide the penalties an individual faces for a specific […]

Wisconsin OWI Sentencing Guidelines

Wisconsin OWI Penalty The maximum and minimum penalties for OWI charges are described in detail in the Wisconsin DUI Sentencing Guidelines. The prosecuting attorney and judge use these guidelines as a reference when determining the appropriate penalties for a particular case. These penalties include jail time, fines, installation of IIDs, license suspension, and more. However, […]

First Offense OWI Wisconsin

OWI Wisconsin – DUI Laws There is no difference between a DUI and an OWI, but OWI is used more in Wisconsin. A first offense OWI in Wisconsin can result in life-changing penalties if you are convicted. An experienced and aggressive OWI attorney can help you avoid high fines and other severe penalties. The serious […]

Wisconsin Reckless Driving Penalties

Wisconsin Reckless Driving Penalties Getting reckless driving charges is scary, but depending on the circumstances of your case, those charges can be reduced or dismissed. Reckless driving law prohibits drivers from endangering the lives of others by operating their vehicles negligently. Since the law does not describe in detail or specify what negligent operation of […]