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Milwaukee Traffic Defense Lawyers

Milwaukee Traffic Defense Lawyers You need to challenge traffic citations to avoid increased insurance rates or having your driver’s license suspended. Some insurance carriers do not raise premiums when you get a traffic citation, but they may increase insurance rates or cancel coverage if you are convicted for a traffic violation. There have been cases […]

Suspended License Attorneys In Milwaukee

Can You Reinstate Your Wisconsin License? When your license is suspended you are no longer allowed to operate a vehicle. Having your license suspended will limit your freedom of movement and affect your everyday life including your work. The process of having your license reinstated after suspension is not easy. A suspended license attorney can […]

High Speed Driver’s License Suspension

Suspended License WI  & DMV Reinstatement Speeding is one of the many traffic violations that can result in you being issued demerit points in Wisconsin. The number of points you are assigned for each violation depends on the violation itself, and the type of license you have. For example, you will be assigned 3 to […]

  Milwaukee Traffic & Parking Citations

Milwaukee Traffic & Parking Citations Every day police officers, campus police, city police, and sheriff departments issue citations to drivers for not stopping at a stop sign, for reckless driving, speeding, and other traffic violations. Being ticketed can leave you feeling stressed, lead to you taking time off work, and other inconveniences. But just because […]

Wisconsin Occupational License

 Occupational Drivers License WI Your license will be suspended for a certain length of time if you are charged with an OWI offense in Wisconsin. The length of suspension is determined by the number of OWI convictions in your record or the number of traffic violation points you have accumulated. After the suspension, you cannot […]

Wisconsin Reckless Driving Penalties

Wisconsin Reckless Driving Penalties Getting reckless driving charges is scary, but depending on the circumstances of your case, those charges can be reduced or dismissed. Reckless driving law prohibits drivers from endangering the lives of others by operating their vehicles negligently. Since the law does not describe in detail or specify what negligent operation of […]