First Offense OWI Wisconsin

OWI Wisconsin – DUI Laws

There is no difference between a DUI and an OWI, but OWI is used more in Wisconsin. A first offense OWI in Wisconsin can result in life-changing penalties if you are convicted. An experienced and aggressive OWI attorney can help you avoid high fines and other severe penalties. The serious fines and penalties you face if you are convicted include:

  • Fines from $150 to $300
  • An OWI additional surcharge of $365
  • A 6 to 9 month driver’s license revocation
  • A 14 day mandatory Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment (AODA)
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) in your vehicle (for BAC over .15%)
  • Mandatory IID installation and services charges for you to get an occupational license
  • Higher insurance rates and SR22 if you are given the high-risk driver status
  • License reinstatement fee of $200 when reapplying for a new driver’s or occupational license

Operating While Intoxicated Attorney

In Wisconsin a first-offense OWI is a civil offense and not a crime. But this has resulted in many Wisconsin drivers thinking that a first offense OWI is not serious because it is just a ticket, but it actually comes with serious penalties and can never be removed from your record. For this reason it can affect your future job prospects, impede your ability to travel, and affect your relationships in the future. That is why not hiring any legal representation often ends up in disaster for the driver. Your lawyer can help you navigate the legal system if you have been charged with a first offense OWI. 

First Offense OWI Costs

First Offense OWI WisconsinApart from the hundreds or thousands of dollars you may be forced to pay in fines for an OWI, you also have to pay court costs and surcharges. Apart from this, your insurance rates will skyrocket (double or triple the original rates) especially when your driver status is changed to high-risk. Since the OWI will remain in your records, you may find yourself having to pay higher insurance rates well into the future. The Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment will also cost you several hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Your company’s fleet contract car insurer may ask the company to fire you when you lose your license after an OWI conviction. This is very likely to happen if your job requires you to travel frequently. Rental car companies may also avoid you if they realize that your license has been suspended or revoked. 

You Can Get Arrested For A BAC Below .08%

Even if your BAC is below .08% when you pulled over by police officers, the blood work may come back higher than the legal limit. This means that the results from a chemical test do not necessarily show your BAC at the time you were operating the motor vehicle. There are times when your BAC is higher than .08% when you are pulled over but may have been lower when you were driving. For this reason, it is not uncommon for the police officer that asked you to take a breathalyzer test to have a different BAC result from the one the prosecutor presents in court. An experienced attorney can use these issues as part of your defense. 

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