High Speed Driver’s License Suspension

Suspended License WI  & DMV Reinstatement

Speeding is one of the many traffic violations that can result in you being issued demerit points in Wisconsin. The number of points you are assigned for each violation depends on the violation itself, and the type of license you have. For example, you will be assigned 3 to 6 points for 1mph to 24mph above the available speed limit. If your speeding points add up to 12 or more within 12 months, your driver’s license will be suspended. But in situations where you exceed the speed limits by 25mph on zones with speed limits above 50mph, you will automatically lose driver privileges.

Automatic Suspension Of Driving Privileges

Your license will be suspended for speeding violations of 25mph or more over the speed limit in speed zones of 55mph or higher. This is mandatory for anyone.  After conviction the court will suspend your driver’s license for 15 days and you will not be eligible for an occupational license within those 15 days. You can terminate the license suspension by complying with license reinstatement procedures with the Wisconsin DMV. Remember you need to apply to have your license reinstated or you risk having it suspended indefinitely.

High Speed Driver’s License SuspensionWhether your license gets suspended or not depends on your jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions, the suspension period is more than 15 days while in others license suspensions are not as common. There are cases in some jurisdictions where the license was suspended for a year. You may face a one year suspension or revocation if a judge finds the circumstances of your traffic violation were dangerous to the public.

License Reinstatement Process

To get your license reinstated officially there is a process that you must go through. The first thing you need to do is prepare a letter with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your Wisconsin driver’s license number
  • Date of Birth and other pertinent information

Your letter must contain a check for $50. You can then send the letter to Wisconsin Department of Transportation. In some situations, you may need to provide proof of insurance to get your license reinstated. You may also be forced to reapply for a new license if you lost your license.

You Must Fight Speeding Tickets

It doesn’t matter whether you were actually guilty or not when you received your speeding citation, you should still try and get it reduced. Penalties for a speeding ticket include having to pay $30 to $300 in fines, but that can be $80 to $600 for a repeat violation. These amounts can be doubled if you are issued a citation in a school or construction zone.

Apart from cost, the other reason to fight a speeding ticket is that it will show up in your record. The demerit points will also add up leading to you losing driver privileges for months or even forever. An experienced lawyer can help you by having your points and violation type reduced. The lawyer can also represent you in court and help you avoid severe penalties.