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Milwaukee DUI Lawyer Cost

The consequences of a DUI conviction, even a first offense, can greatly impact your family, job prospects and future relationships. Since there are many things at stake in such situations you should fight your Wisconsin DUI charges. You need an experienced DUI lawyer by your side when fighting DUI charges to increase your chances of success. Success here could mean your charges getting reduced, or dismissed altogether. Your lawyer can also strike a deal with the prosecution lawyer to reduce impact of the penalties that you face.

How Much A Lawyer Costs

Different attorneys charge different rates for various DUI cases. The costs vary because the circumstances behind individual DUI cases are rarely the same. However, you should not pick an attorney based on the amount they charge, you should focus more on experience and qualifications. There are some inexperienced lawyers that charge as little as $1,000 but they are more likely to leave you with a guilty plea. You need an attorney that has the knowledge and experience required to effectively defend your drunk driving charge.

Milwaukee DUI Lawyer CostThe price of DUI / OWI representation in the Milwaukee area will most likely vary based upon several factors, including the number of previous DUI / OWI convictions, the severity of the charges, and the experience of your attorney. Call our office now for a consultation, and we may be able to give you a better idea of the cost of representation.

How To Find The Best DUI Lawyer

You should not be stressed out about finding the right DUI lawyer for your particular case. Some suggestions that can help you find a DUI pro include:

  • Make sure the lawyer is experienced in handling DUI cases because they are likely to know of any changes to DUI laws
  • Read reviews online from former clients and choose a lawyer that has consistently positive reviews
  • Find a lawyer that has been practicing for a significant number of years
  • Choose a lawyer that you can connect with or develop a trusting relationship with
  • Find a lawyer that is a member of lawyer organizations for DUI lawyers
  • Get lawyer recommendations from friends and family members that have dealt with DUI cases in the past

Finding a lawyer that has certification for things such as field sobriety tests, blood and breath test equipment, is also ideal. The only way you can know you are comfortable working with a lawyer is by meeting the lawyer face to face and asking questions. This is actually easy to do because many DUI lawyers offer free phone or face to face consultation to learn about your case.

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Milwaukee OWI Attorney FAQ

⭐ Will I serve jail time for an OWI conviction?

MilwaukeeDUIAttorney Adam Seipel DUI Defense Lawyers Association

That depends on the severity of your charges, and the specific facts of your case. You should read our blog articles titled WISCONSIN OWI PENALTY and WISCONSIN OWI SENTENCING GUIDELINES. Both of these articles are linked in the sidebar on this page.

⭐ What's the difference between DUI & OWI?

Milwaukee DUI Lawyer - OWI Attorney in Milwaukee, WI

Different states use different acronyms for a drunk driving charge. Wisconsin uses the abbreviation OWI, which stands for Operating While Intoxicated. However, the terms DUI and OWI are sometimes used interchangeably in the common vernacular.

⭐ Can I beat an OWI charge in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee OWI Attorney

There can be a number of valid legal reasons why your OWI charges may not hold up. Certain legal procedures must be followed, and that does not always happen. Therefore, in certain cases, as it turns out, the charges are dismissed. Contact an attorney on this page to learn more.

⭐ What is the BAC limit for OWI in Wisconsin?

First Offense OWI Wisconsin

You can be charged with OWI in Wisconsin if certain elements of the crime are met. One of those elements is if you are operating with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater.