Milwaukee Traffic Defense Lawyers

Milwaukee Traffic Defense Lawyers

You need to challenge traffic citations to avoid increased insurance rates or having your driver’s license suspended. Some insurance carriers do not raise premiums when you get a traffic citation, but they may increase insurance rates or cancel coverage if you are convicted for a traffic violation. There have been cases where drivers have had to pay an extra $5,000 every year for five years for being convicted of a first DUI (driving while under the influence) offense. An experienced traffic defense lawyer can find the loopholes in your case and use them to build a solid case.

Driver’s License Suspension Or Revocation

You rely on your car to complete various important activities every day. Losing this freedom of movement, can greatly impact your ability to make a living and personal freedom. But driving a car is a privilege and not a right, which means that your license can be suspended or revoked because if you receive repeated traffic convictions or a serious traffic convictions. A first offense driving under the influence conviction can lead to license suspension and revocation for a number of days or months. Multiple DUI convictions can lead to you losing your driver’s license forever.

An individual whose driver’s license has been suspended may be eligible for an occupational driver’s license. An occupational driver’s license allows you to drive to medical appointments, school, work, church, and other employment related activities. You cannot drive for leisure activities with an occupational license.

 A traffic defense lawyer that has experience fighting tickets can help you by getting your charges reduced or dismissed. If you are an out-of-state driver, a Wisconsin traffic conviction will appear on your record. But since there are many variations between how citations work in Wisconsin and your home state, your lawyer can negotiate an amendment for you so that it does affect you when you go back to your state.

Increased Insurance Rates

Milwaukee Traffic Defense LawyersMost Insurance companies are not open about how they determine insurance rates for people that have been issued tickets or convicted of other traffic violations. The effect of a ticket on your insurance rates can be summarized in the following ways:

  • Companies increase your premium for three, four or five years for most traffic violations
  • Insurance premiums usually go up by 13 percent for the average speeding ticket
  • The premiums are more likely to increase for drivers that commit major traffic violations such as hit and run, DUI, reckless driving and more
  • Your insurance rates are not likely to increase for an equipment violation  except if it involves improper lights or dysfunctional brakes

Apart from increased insurance rates, a traffic violation conviction can jeopardize your job, prevent you from getting promotions, and inconvenience your family.

 How A Traffic Defense Lawyer Can Help

Your lawyer can identify and pursue opportunities in your case to minimize the impact of the penalties in your case. The lawyer can identify these opportunities by investigating the facts behind your traffic tickets and citations. Penalties for traffic violations include jail time, fines, suspension or revocation, and other penalties. An experienced Milwaukee traffic defense lawyer can also help you get an occupational driver’s license and help you reinstate your driving privileges.