Wisconsin Alcohol Assessment – Intoxicated Driver Program

AODA Assesment – Intoxicated Driver Program

People convicted of or arrested for multiple OWI offenses will be ordered by the Wisconsin Department of transportation to have an alcohol or drug assessment within 45 days. You are required to contact the approved assessment facility for your county of residence within 72 hours of an OWI conviction.

To get an occupational license after a second or subsequent conviction you are required to complete an assessment. The Alcohol and drug assessment process involves you being interviewed by an assessor for about 2 hours. However, a second visit may be required for that assessment to be completed. The assessor’s goal is to determine the scope of a person’s alcohol or drug use and develop a driver safety plan based on that determination.

What Are Driver Safety Plans?

The safety plans created by an assessor depends on the individual driver that has been convicted for an OWI. The safety plans are simply educational and rehabilitation programs based on the findings from the assessment. For example, a chemically dependent individual will be sent to outpatient treatment programs, but an individual that is an irresponsible user is likely to be sent to a Group Dynamics-Traffic Safety program.

Approval Of The Assessment

After completing the assessment, the assessor will submit a report to the DMV. Then the Alcohol and Drug Unit in the Bureau of Driver Services will screen the report. They will screen the report for the following:

  • To see if the assessment and driver safety plan are appropriate
  • To ensure that the assessment mentions all OWI offenses
  • To see if the assessor recommends a license for the individual

Drivers that fail to comply with the assessment, driver safety plans, or don’t pay the fee for an assessment or the safety plan, risk having their licenses withdrawn. These programs’ main goals are to reduce the number of repeat offenders and to improve public safety.

You Should Participate And Complete The Program

Wisconsin Alcohol Assessment – Intoxicated Driver ProgramIf you are sent to an outpatient treatment program after an assessment, you need to complete the program for the following reasons:

  • You will get a support system from the program
  • You are more likely to change unwanted behaviors at the program
  • Your OWI penalties may be reduced if you complete the program

How To Complete A Treatment Program Successfully

Failing to complete treatment programs is only going to make life complicated and difficult for you. The following are some tips for completing the programs successfully:

    • Avoid taking alcohol or drugs throughout the program
    • Attend the initial orientation session
    • Pay the required initial fee
  • Submit to regular but random breathalyzer and urinalysis until the day of sentencing
  • Complete community service ordered by a court

Drunk Driving Alcohol Assessment Locations

An assessment center can either be an Inpatient or Outpatient center and may also be long-term or short-term. The most important thing you should consider is whether the assessment center you choose has experts trained in “drug free” chemical dependency strategies. “Drug free” means that the center does not rely solely on the use of “quick-fix” prescription medications.

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