Wisconsin Occupational License

 Occupational Drivers License WI

Your license will be suspended for a certain length of time if you are charged with an OWI offense in Wisconsin. The length of suspension is determined by the number of OWI convictions in your record or the number of traffic violation points you have accumulated. After the suspension, you cannot operate a vehicle until your license is reinstated. But you can apply for an occupational license that can allow you to continue driving to work, school, or treatment. If you drive with a suspended license, you will get another citation and have to pay a fine.

DMV Occupational License vs Normal License

With a normal driver’s license, you can drive almost anywhere you want without any restrictions. But an occupational license is a restricted license that allows you to drive to work, school or treatment within a specified range of time each day. It is basically a license that allows you to continue living your life as normally as possible as you wait for the license suspension to expire. People who depend on regular travel for their job have no option but to apply for an occupational license or they risk losing their jobs.

Getting An Occupational License

Wisconsin Occupational LicenseWhether you are able to apply for an OWI or not depends on the severity of your OWI charge. You can apply for an occupational license immediately after it has been suspended if you are arrested for a first offense OWI. For a second subsequent OWI conviction, you will have to apply after 45 days. But the number can increase to 60 days if you caused injury while driving under the influence. You need to apply with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to get an occupational license. You need to do the following at your local DMV to get the license:

  • Fill out the application forms properly and present the application together with the required fee
  • Provide a photocopy of your citation
  • Include a proof of identity
  • Complete a vision screening
  • Provide proof of insurance

People that are ordered to install an IID into the vehicle need to provide proof that they installed the device in all the vehicles titled in their names for them to get an occupational license. Installing an IID comes with significant fees that you have to pay every month to maintain the device and have it monitored. People that are not Wisconsin residents, juveniles, and people that never had a driver’s license cannot apply for an occupational license.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An IID is a device that is installed into your car’s ignition system. You have to breath into the device for your car to start. The device is basically your car’s personal breathalyzer but it is monitored digitally by a third party. You have to pay the installation fee for the device and a monthly fee of $50-$150 for monitoring and maintenance.

Talk To A Lawyer

An experienced Wisconsin DUI lawyer can help you obtain your occupational license.  Your lawyer will be able to inform you if you are eligible for license reinstatement after reviewing your case.

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